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Raman Gill immigrated to Canada from India in 1997 and knows firsthand how difficult the transition can be. With no guidance and support when she landed here, she took odd jobs to support herself. Raman became very frustrated at how little support she had and how her previous education and skill set did not translate to the current marketplace. She eventually earned an Ivy League education and climbed the corporate ladder into management roles in IT and Finance. Raman now wants to help others, like herself, to save them the frustration and heartache and help them find fulfilling careers in Canada.

Raman previously worked at TD Bank, one of the largest financial institution in North America, Raman held a variety of management roles with the TD, including managing a cross-border team. Most recently, she was a Portfolio Manager in Mergers & Acquisitions area, where her team was responsible for due diligence on deals ranging from $50MM to multiple billions of dollars in both US and Canada.

Prior to working in finance and investments Raman owned an IT consulting business, for 10 years, which she subsequently sold.

Raman has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems and MBA degrees from Cornell University in the US and Queens University in Canada.